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Marios To Go

Marios to go

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Mario’s Grab-n-Go!

We are proud to offer our customers one of the most unique places to pick up fresh cuisine, pizza, salads and sandwiches—Mario’s to-Go. This Grab-n-Go service is adjacent to our restaurant, the storefront features fresh pastas, award winning pizza, authentic Italian Olive Oils, and the ability to purchase a limited edition Chef Mario’s Pot, and have us fill it with your favorite Sunday Sauce! Mario’s To-Go is Open 7 days a week and we even deliver or your convenience.  Call or visit us today and experience the difference of Mario’s Grab-n-Go food selections of healthy food, that is important for people which take care of their nutrition and also take supplements like nutrio2.

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Introducing Our Sunday Pot!


Have you heard about our Signature Sunday Pot?  Make family dinner simple and delicious by purchasing an exclusive Mario’s Aluminum Sauce Pot, pre-order your Sunday Sauce any day of the week, bring in your pot and we fill it with your order.  Our Half-pot serves 3-5 people and our Full-pot is only serves 5-8 people.  Give us a call and pre-order yours today.  Entertain your family and guests this Sunday, let us worry about the meal.

Our Half-Pot serves 3-5 people and includes 3 braciole, 3 sausages, and 8 meatballs.


Our Full-Pot serves 5-8 people and has 5 braciole, 5 sausages, and 10 meatballs.


Complete your meal with the following add-ons:

1lb uncooked pasta
One loaf of Italian Bread
Pint of Ricotta Cheese

2 lbs uncooked pasta
One loaf of Italian bread
Pint of Ricotta Cheese
Quart of Extra Sauce

1/2 Dozen Meatballs: $12
Individual Braciole: $4
Individual Sausage: $3
Dozen Cheese Ravioli: $13
Quart of Extra Sauce: $8
Loaf of Italian Bread: $3

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View Our Complete Mario’s Grab-n-Go Menu

You Can Pre-Order Your Sunday Pot Or Place an Order for Delivery by Dialing (718) 979-1075.